Cleaning and disinfecting

Since we started our business, we paid the most attention to establishing the highest hygienic standards in our facility and its accommodation units. The business activities in a place which primarily focuses on health (air spa for treatment of bronchial asthma) requires perfect cleanliness of accommodation units, without using equipment and chemicals which may cause allergic reactions in children and adults.
With the global pandemic of COVID19 virus at the beginning of 2020, our sanitary standards have been raised to the highest level in hotel management along with the recommendations from competent bodies. In this way, our guests can feel sanitary safe in our facility while they use all the benefits of a spa and climatic health resort.

Accommodation units

Each accommodation unit is thoroughly disinfected before the arrival of guests, and also aerated for at least 1 hour. After that comes thorough cleaning. The cleaning products used in our facility are produced by Johannes Kiehl KG, a German company which produces chemicals for professional cleaning and hygiene. The products are characterized by maximum efficiency which represents system solutions for professional customers. The concentrates we use are made of plant raw materials and certified by the European Union Environment Agency as organic products. (download technical and safety lists here and here).
The “high touch” areas in the accommodation units – handles, light switches, TV remote controllers, room keys, etc., are additionally and thoroughly disinfected.
The sets used by guests (Kitchen set (dishwashing liquid, sponge, dishcloth, paper towels), Bianco hygiene set are mostly in the original package with minimum possibility of external contamination.

In May 2020, as part of raising the level of health safety of the facility, we signed the contract with Hygiene d.o.o. Beograd Company which, among other things, represents the TORK Hotel Equipment brand. “Tork” is a program of a Swedish company “SCA Hygiene Products” which is global leader in the production of personal hygiene products and it represents an optimal solution for equipping sanitary facilities because it guarantees a safe and hygienic environment. On that occasion we purchased T9 SmartOne toilet paper cassettes and also the liquid soap dispensers. In these devices we use only the original products of this company which guarantees high quality and health safety.

Common areas

At the entrance to the facility there is a disinfection barrier.

The “high touch” surfaces in the common areas – door handles, light switches, and also the stair railings, are disinfected several times during the day, depending on the frequency and the number of guests in the facility.

The staircase is cleaned and disinfected with the dynamics that depends on the frequency and the number of guests in the facility.

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